Friday, 28 September 2012

Blue Sky's Director, Lian, pays a visit !

On 23 and 24 Sep, Lian popped in at Blue Sky to visit the kids and do some "cheerleading" work.

As it was the mid-autumn season, Lian brought - all the way from Singapore - snow-skin mooncakes that Tania had bought for the staff. Unfortunately the mooncakes did not survive the long journey and flights: they had fused into a multi-coloured glob upon reaching Blue Sky.  The appreciative staff gobbled them up nevertheless!

Another beneficiary of Lian's trip was Minyuan, whose birthday was around the corner.  His presents included a Power Ranger mask-and-figurine set (courtesy of Tania), a jumpsuit and a sweater!

24 Sep also marked the inaugural meeting between the newly formed Board of Directors (with Tania participating from Singapore via Facetime) and Maria.  On the long agenda were matters concerning the treatment and care of the children, and organisational matters such as setting of financial year and choice of audit firms.

Lian's visit ended with a Korean dinner at Ai Jiang Shan restaurant. He was joined by Maria, Celine and Dolly.  His attempts to see his female comrades in a Shojiu-induced high was totally futile...

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