Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Blue Sky May News 1

We had an amazing start to May 2010. 
First we told the older boys that their dreams had finally come true.  After years of watching the young and cute children leave Blue Sky to join their new families, it was now their turn.  We had known of Luofei's and FuXia's adoption a while back - but we had waited to confirm that Xiao Dai's was a reality - because we could not imagine leaving him out, yet again.  The past few years had seen his best buddies leaving, and each time, we could feel his silent pain.  Finally, a confirmation for XiaoDai - and the bonus was to include Long Long in the line up, as well as 6 other children (Liyong, RuiXue, YinFeng, LuTao, Yaozhong, DangXiao).  It's a good year for Blue Sky. We don't know when each will leave, but hopefully within the year ! 
Our 6th year anniversary party was emotional on all levels.  Old friends, new friends, and the sharing of the adoption news and other milestones. Our staff enjoyed putting on their performances (a break from the childcare routine) and the kids had a great time. Really smiles all around. The older boys getting congratulated and reality sinking in that they will have families of their own. 
Please enjoy our photos on Picasa.  The link is here:  http://picasaweb.google.com/113303080992135466425

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