Friday, 28 May 2010

Xiao Bin in Singapore

After arriving on May 3rd 2010 from Beijing, Xiao Bin missed his first surgery date, due to a wheezy cough.  The next available surgery date is May 31st, and we are finally a few days away.... XiaoBin is in excellent health at the moment, and we are crossing fingers till then. 
It is estimated that his surgery will last more than 7 hours.  Following cranial surgery with neurological and plastic surgeons, the orthopedic team will reconstruct his webbed hands.  Recovery in hospital is expected to be for at least a week, and Xiao Bin will most likely need to stay another 3 weeks before getting the final ok to go back to Beijing.
ShuHua, his nanny from Blue Sky, has been taking great care of him while in Singapore.  It has been HOT and HUMID, but both are always smiling and cheerful.  They have been staying home most of the time, because he was recovering from his cough, and now we are just being extra careful that he doesn't fall sick before the surgery.  As you can see in the picture, he did have a little outing at the beach, and on most days, he's playing with Sasha and Giulia at home.  He's a very good natured kid, and only fusses when it's time to sleep !

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